Saturday, November 10, 2007

You guessed it.....'s another UFO! I am really on a roll here! I found a pack of pre-cut cardstock from a Make & Take project from a Christmas Card class I held long ago (let's put it this way, this color scheme includes BLISS Blue and Mint Melody!!!), and decided to give it a go UFO style!

First, here's what the original sample looked like from the project from a couple of years ago:

The darkness of the pic sorta masks the fun feel of the card, but as you can see it's an old set, and it uses my long lost CRIMPER!! When was the last time I used that thing? FOREVER ago!!

Now here's the new adaptation with the new look:
I took the pre-cut opportunity to make 5 fun Christmas cards, just ready to send to friends and family! How fun is that?!
I still used the crimper because it really adds dimension to the card, and besides, the crimper was in dire need of being used. It's hard to see the sparkle of the snow on the snowy scene, but it's there...oh yes, it's there.
And, in order to get it just right, I had to do what is a long-lost technique for me, the long lost MASKING technique.

Ahhh, the memories are coming alive today!
Set (card 1): Espress Yourself
Set (card 2): It's Snow Time
Colors: Brilliant Blue, Bliss Blue (Bashful is a perfect replacement) (Mint Melody is in Card 1)
Other: Crimper, dimensionals, slit punch, silver brad, silver cord, glue dots, 2-way glue pen, dazzling diamonds glitter
Hope you like this newest edition of the UFO sightings!!


Niki said...

Cute cards! I love the snowmen!

Jana Weaver said...

Your UFO's are great Gina...and such wonderful ideas of ways to use up those old kits and scraps laying around! I really love the Christmas card...VERY cute!

laos348 said...

That looks fantastic! I love the snowman and the crimped piece really does add a nice touch.

Lori J said...

I really like the snowman one. I really can see some sparkle in there!

Gina Wrona said...

How awesome! I have both those sets & a crimper that needs the dust dusted off it, kwim?