Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Forgive me for going off-topic, but...

...this is something I just felt compelled to post about. Have you seen ads for the upcoming movie, "The Golden Compass"? It's being heavily advertised as a blockbuster kids movie, just in time for the Holidays, and it's actually an anti-God message aimed at young minds. Please read the following information on Snopes (hoax-proofing site) for more information and decide for yourself if you'd let your kids watch this - I know I absolutely won't, and I'm not easily swayed.

I normally wouldn't use a forum such as this to make a morality statement, but this was one area I just couldn't let go. If you're an avid atheist, then you can ignore this post, but if not - you may want to check out the link above just in case.

UPDATE: A friend of mine has a little more exposure to this now that her sister just read one of the books - see what my friend wrote on this subject as well:

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