Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My first "mystery" stamper is....

First take a look at this card. I received this card more than a year ago, and I think it's pretty cute! To see how good this mystery stamper's work is (cuz she's one of my friends and one of my most favorite stampers), check out her BLOG to see who she is!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Coming this week...

In my cleaning adventure, I have run across some cards done by my stamping friends in the past.... and I thought it would be fun to feature their old work just to see where they used to be and where they are now! So, I will show you the old work, then link you to their blogs so you can see what they are working on nowadays. Sound fun?? Wait for the first installment tomorrow.

Also coming this week, I will be offering some blog goodies! I have been a sporatic poster all summer, and it's time to get back to the swing, so blog candy sounds like a good jump start to me!

Lastly, I will be going through my retired sets and offering them up for sale, hopefully this week. So, if you love your well-cared-for retired stuff, you may find something you like in my list - coming soon!

Have a great Monday, and I'll be catching ya later!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

For your listening pleasure - or not....

I have added some music to my blog for your listening pleasure - or not, depending on what you like! I have completely random music interests - I listen to just about everything, but I wanted to start off with some of the songs I could think of off hand. If you don't like listening, the playlist is at the bottom and you can just press the stop button to stop the tunes if you want. If not, enjoy - you never know what I'll be playing next!


Progress #1

Okay, I worked a bit today, and here's the first progress picture I have... remember of course that there is WAY more to do, and this is only about 1/5 of my stamping space, but here's what I've done so far:

So you can see my table, that's a start! The entire right side of the table is still a work in progress, but at least the left side is more organized! So how did I do?

Challenge 146

So since I haven't stamped in a while, and since I was prompted by Kyla (thanks girl!!) to give a SCS challenge a go, here's what I did:

images (c) Stampin' Up!, 1990-2007
Set: It's Snow Time
Colors: Blue Bayou, Soft Sky
Other: silver brads, 1/4" punch, blender pen, markers
I looked at this card and decided this is NOT going to be my mass-production model because it would kill me, but I hope you like it anyway!


Thursday, October 18, 2007

My life is a MESS...lol

Let's face it - my life, or rather my space is a DISASTER, and that's probably why I'm not stamping lately. After a long and much needed talk with my friend Kyla Maestas who also has a mess on her hands, we've decided to do something about it. Anyone who wants to join in the challenge can post a comment here with a link to their blog with your "before" shots of your space. No mess is too much for this challenge. Just be brave and share - we've ALL been there. Here is my BEFORE picture... embarrassing but true (and you gotta click this pic to see it in bigger and more detailed glory):

Remember, of course, that creativity is a messy process! LOL

I can't wait until I have an after shot for you! And, since this is only maybe 1/5 of my total stamping space, I may have to do interim shots for you as I progress, because this is a HUGE project, believe me. And, when I'm done, my husband will be so proud! ; )

This could also mean some serious blog candy and retired stamp sets for sale, too... I gotta get organized if it kills me! So, keep your eyes open and tuned in, you never know what will be coming next!

Get ready, cuz Xmas is coming!!

Hey folks! Despite the fact that I LOVE fall and LOVE Halloween projects, I had to take note of the fact that Xmas is coming soon, and projects need to start too... so here's a little tidbit of an item for starters - a gift card holder using an envelope! The pic for the inside was kinda "ucky" looking, so I'll see about making another one to show you later, but also a tutorial could follow.

Meanwhile, I hope you like this one!

images (c) Stampin' Up!, 1990-2006

Details to follow.

Later gaters~

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Hi everyone - my friend, the one who lost her husband a couple of weeks ago, sent me a message thanking me and YOU (she didn't have the names in front of her) for sending her the cards and mass intentions. She was very moved by the kindness of my friends and it really meant a lot to her.

SO, I wanted to thank you all personally, whoever you are that sent and are sending cards to her. It really is appreciated and it shows what a great group of people you are.
THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.