Friday, November 9, 2007

Sort of a Repeat Appearance

Yep, I tried to mix it up with the UFO for the Warhol technique, but I had a bunch of them and I couldn't bring myself to make just the same thing for each one, so here's another twist on the card from the other day that I did.....

images (c) Stampin' Up!, 1990-2007

Same colors, different stamp set and theme. The weird thing is, with the photography being what it is, you can't tell that those little flags with the words on them are popped up! Oh well... another day, another camera woe. lol

Now THIS one I plan on sending to a couple of people, so if you're reading this and you get one, I hope you'll still think it's cute even if it's not "surprising" anymore. lol



Jana Weaver said...

LOVE these Warhol cards you're doing...too cute!! I've gotta try that technique myself!


Stampin' Meg said...

great card- the franticness of the chicken is perfect for this style!