Monday, June 11, 2007


Aha! I bet you thought all I had was Stampin' Up! stuff, right?! Well, I have purchased a few things along the way, mostly at the Rockford stamp convention they have every year, and this stamp was one of them. Yep, it's one big stamp, and it's unmounted to boot! Don't ask me where it's from, but if pressed I could probably look it up. ; )

Anyway, mixed with my own color schemed spectrum pad, I used the rubber brayer to create the background color before stamping in black. Then I used a sticker sheet over the top of the entire image and then poured Sugar Dust (micro beads from Stamp LaJolla) over the entire thing. It's a texture unlike any other, and though it's heavy and probably requires extra postage (I don't plan on sending this one out anytime soon), it's worth it.

Hope you like it, and Happy Monday!

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Vicki said...

WOWZER! This is so gorgeous!