Monday, June 25, 2007

Boy oh Boy, Back problems!

Me? No. Thank goodness... but my DH is having troubles so badly that he's saying today that if he's still feeling the way he is right now, he wants me to take him to the hospital. NOT GOOD. He's got lower back trouble in general, but he hasn't been to a chiropractor in at least 2 years, and predictably he's getting worse and worse. Then Saturday he decided to help the landscapers with shoveling and leveling gravel in our soon-to-be-patio site... knowing all along it was going to aggravate his back... and yep, yesterday he was laid up all day in excruciating pain. I went and bought an exercise ball for him to stretch out, as well as a lumbar supporting pillow for him to lean against, which he slumped over and basically rendered it useless.... but what else to do?

Looks like today is going to be search-for-a-chiropractor day. I just hope he doesn't further injure himself at work - yep, the lughead went to work when he can barely walk - men!

Anyway, if you have any tips on relieving back pain, please post a comment here. I'm interested in any tips anyone has to offer beyond cold packs, warm packs, pain relievers and the stuff I already tried. I'm open to any suggestions!



anchored_away said...

Gina, (it's KL) I'd be happy to offer up Reiki.

Then I'd suggest he drink tea (I know, not for all men, but you can make it palatable) with lavender, valerian, or lemon balm in it. Or all three. Also, peppermint can help. If you don't mind giving him a back rub (if he can tolerate it), a mint, camphor, or menthol infused oil or massage ointment will help.

I believe all injuries and illnesses have psychosomatic sources, which means we predispose ourselves to these issues by where our "heads" are. For example, someone with problems expressing herself is likely to develop thyroid or throat/larynx issues. A bad back can be symptomatic of several things. One is issues with power - does he have to over-exert himself as a supervisor, or is he too lax in accepting responsibility for an issue? Depending on exactly where on his back the problems are (you said lower, but there are three possibilities on the lower back), he could have issues with basic health/nutrition/survival instincts, he could be dealing with familial issues, or he could simply have problems listening to his instinct or owning his own power.

I hope this doesn't sound completely quacky or goofy, but discard if it doesn't work for you. If you are interested in the Reiki or want to discuss the psychosomatic stuff further, feel free to e-mail me. :)

Jenny Z said...

Oh Gina, you know I feel for you! Sitting down is probably the worst thing he can do. My DH's most comfortable spot was lying on the floor, head on a pillow, and legs in a 90 degree position over the edge of the couch. It really helped to take the pressure off his "injured spot." Laying low and taking it easy, getting his back adjusted by a DO, maybe even doing some simple back stretches as long as they don't hurt, in addition to the ibuprofen and alternating hot and cold packs every 15 minutes like you're already doing should offer some relief. Our Dr advised trying all of the above for 7 to 10 days. Back injuries are awful!

KL, wow, what you said about the psychosomatic stuff. . .I've never heard of Reiki, but you may make me a believer.

Shutterbabe Lori said...

A bottle of wine does it for me! (wink, wink)

Beds said...

I got hit by at car a few years ago and even though i pulled threw without a scratch I have alot of lower back problems! I tried everything I could but to no avail, but then I bought one of those mattresses that mould to your body shape! At first it was a little odd however after just one week my pain eased massively! I was amazed!