Thursday, July 19, 2007

Where have I been?! lol

Yep, I'm still here... it's been a busy and crazy week, but I'm finally able to post a few things today... I tried out this squash book thing (not exactly like the card I posted earlier, but this is bigger and bolder), and let me tell you what an adventure this turned out to be!

Well, first, it's taken me over 2 weeks to get my hands on these freakin' coasters I needed for this thing. Yep, that's right - two weeks, three visits to Chili's (oh, the torture - lol), two visits to party stores and craft stores, and finally I had them in my hot little hands (thanks Chili's in LITH, IL)! Oh, and if that were the only trouble I had, I'd be A-okay. It was getting this thing put together that challenged me even further!

So I'm using the Modge Podge to put paper to coaster. No prob, right? Well, friends, I discovered about 10 minutes later that the Modge Podge decided to play games with one coaster and proceeded to LIFT the "Chili's" logo off the base of the coaster, and my paper with it! AHH!! So, I tried another later of MP underneath the logo layer - NOPE. I tried glue dots - NOPE. I tried heated ultra-thick embossing powder - NOPE. I tried glue after glue and guess what - nothing was working. THEN, I remembered something!! I had recently written to Maria to get a sample of an adhesive like Mono, but they were out. Instead I received this:

Yep, UHU Creativ. It's a new-ish glue that I promised to review on my blog after receiving a sample. Well, up until now I have had it sitting around and have not had time to try it out. Well, even though this stuff is for ribbon and fabric, the way this soft-fiber cardboard and paper was working out, I thought anything was worth trying.

WELL, it WORKED!!!!!! OHMIGOSH, this stuff completely saved the day! It comes out of the tube quickly (a bit thicker than Elmer's but not as thick as Modge Podge), so you have to be careful, but man oh man, what a life saver!!!!! It didn't take all day to dry, either, which was a great thing for a project like this. I'm serious, I will definitely be keeping this stuff around on my creative table for projects like this and maybe skip the Modge Podge altogether next time. I also am looking forward to trying it out on gluing ribbon and other hard-to-glue soft items soon, because if it saved my project this time, I can only imagine what I'm in store for next time!!

Thanks to Maria soooo very much for sending this sample to me. I am sorry that it took so long to try it, but I'm so glad I did!!!!

The project is coming in my next post. Keep your eyes open!

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scrappintrish said...

geez, you had an awful time getting your paper to stick didn't you? lol.. I just used glue from my Close To My Heart book and it worked really well. My didn't have writing on it though either so maybe that makes a difference. Oh well, at least your book turned out beautifully!. :)