Sunday, December 30, 2007

Up late, but I'm back.

As you may have guessed, I have not been around online in the last week or so, because of course the Holidays. I have finally come up for air from my post-Christmas activities, and I'm up late right now but planning on sleeping and then getting up to play with some stamps, so if I end up inspired, you'll see some new goodies on this blog tomorrow!!

Wish me luck!

And, thanks to everyone who left the 53 presents under my little tree this season - that was FUN!!! I read every single one of those, and I loved them all as if I had gotten actual gifts - no kidding! And, no mess to clean up afterwards - and no returns either!! WOO HOO!

I hope everyone had a blessed season, and I look forward to spending a fabulous 2008 with you all!

Yours in Creativitiy~


Deborah said...

Hope your Christmas was great! I love it, but glad tomove on now to 2008. Happy New Year to you Gina! Off to beddie myself! Deb

Melissa said...

Your tree thing was fun!

Many Blessings and Happy New Year!