Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tag Time

Nope, not tags I made... but a tag I was "tagged" with! lol

This one comes compliments of Gabby, my SBS1 sista! I will probably not tag anyone else because I'm seeing this everywhere, so I'll just share the weird stuff about me and we can all get on with our Christmas shopping already. lol

7 Weird/Random Facts About Me:

1. I love every kind of music, from classical to rap (yep, I said it), from showtunes to Mariachi, from pop to Rock, and everywhere in between.

2. I wanted to learn how to fix cars when I was young, but my dad refused to teach me. I can, however, change my own oil, fuel filter, air filter, battery and tires. Not bad for a chick!

3. I have a super-sensitive sense of smell. I have even had people call me over to their house to identify smells that they can't trace themselves. Yep, i'm like a dog. Woof!

4. I have some psychic ability. I have the ability to know someone inside and out REALLY fast because I can feel it. It's called being an empath. Dont' ask me to contact your dead relatives or give you a reading, though. I don't go there. lol

5. I survived ovarian cancer. 85% of those diagnosed don't.

6. My dream since I was 3 (yes, I actually remember the moment I decided this) has been to be a famous singer and actress.

7. I love to watch boxing. It's barbaric, yes, but for some reason it's still a great sport to me.

WOW, is that 7 already?? You know, the sad part is there are about a million more weird/random things about me, but I'd probably scare you all off if I shared them! lol This was actually a fun exercise, so if you're reading this and you haven't been tagged yet, please use this and play along - post your random things on your blog! Then post here to tell me so I can read up on YOU!


Lesa said...

Gina, It was great to read a few things about you and get to know you better! Have a super weekend!

Rosella said...

Love to get to know you a little better! I am so glad to hear you are an ovarian cancer survivor!

Kerry J. said...

Wow congrats on being a survivor! This touches close to home for me right now as my mom is awaiting an ultrasound to confirm/deny ovarian cancer. Thanks for sharing.

Alana said...

Aren't you a wonderful bundle of a person! I can't believe that you have had ovarian cancer--you look so young. That's a wake up call for me. It was fun getting to know more about the person with the bright smile.