Thursday, October 25, 2007

Progress #1

Okay, I worked a bit today, and here's the first progress picture I have... remember of course that there is WAY more to do, and this is only about 1/5 of my stamping space, but here's what I've done so far:

So you can see my table, that's a start! The entire right side of the table is still a work in progress, but at least the left side is more organized! So how did I do?


Kyla Maestas said...

Okay girl... you mentioned while we were on the phone this morning that you had made some small progress on you workspace but honey you are the bomb... what an improvement. Way to go sweetie!! Glad we got to chat on the phone this morning.

Rubber Hugs
Kyla Maestas

P.S. my table is totally jealous!

Sarah Bella said...

I can see the table!! Awesome job, Gina!!

Lori said...

You are doing a great job at getting that space usable! Way to go girl!