Saturday, April 28, 2007

7 Things About Myself (the second Tag I got!)

Jana has tagged me - this time to list 7 things about myself. Then I have to tag 7 others - but I don't know 7 people to tag so I'll tag who I can.... lol

1. I do accounting as my job but I HATE it.

2. I have always had a dream... and I remember it clearly the day I actually announced it to myself at the ripe old age of 3... I want to be a famous singer and actress when I grow up! Okay, so I suppose I'm grown up but I'm not there yet. Oddly enough, I haven't given up hope.

3. My mother is a very talented artist. She has been paid to do portrait paintings and other oils over the years, but she never made a profession out of it. She can even paint an entire nature scene on a THIMBLE! Talk about a steady hand!!

4. I'm addicted to reality TV. Seriously. My DVR is littered with all the shows I just can't miss... and I even visit a couple of them online to see what other scenes and interviews I've missed!! lol

5. I almost auditioned for the first American Idol. Okay, so I chickened out, but that was before this show was even on the air yet and I had no idea what I would have been up against. Now I wish I would have done it, but I haven't given up yet! You just may see me out there someday!

6. I met my husband 7 years before I ever dated him, and back then I thought I would never be able to hold a conversation with him because he all but refused to talk to me! I thought he thought he was too cool for me, which is a big laugh for us now.

7. My older brothers are identical twins, and people used to ask me if I could tell them apart. DUH! One is an Optometrist and the other is a priest. Who knew!

Okay, I have to tag someone now? Hmmmm..... okay,
Jenny and Kaye!

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