Thursday, September 27, 2007

Attention Brown-Haired, blonde wannabes!!

Yep, that was me - I tried it again, against my better judgement. I wanted to believe the box that said it could make even black hair blonde. Well, thank goodness I have a sense of humor, and a sense of responsibility to share the results with you so that you don't make the same mistake! lol

Okay, so I'm blessed with strong hair that can withstand processing over and over in one day, or I'd be a pumpkin head and miserable. SO, here's the result of my "blonding" process - and please ignore that I have no makeup on.... the hair is bad enough. And it was a bit brighter in person, so laugh if you must:

So then I decided to go to plan B instead, which was a dark brown. This was the result, which I think is WAY better:

SO, the lesson learned: if I ever decide to go blonde once and for all, I am going to a professional with some SERIOUSLY POWERFUL CHEMICALS to get the orange out of my hair!

That's my public service announcement for today. I hope you got a good laugh out of it - I know I did!

Later gaters~


mandijwaters said...

WOW! What a difference. It doesn't even look like the same person is in both photos. I like it better brown:) You look so pretty. Sorry the blonde thing didn't work for ya... I am a red head so I think you almost succeeded :) lOl


Sarah Bella said...

I agree with Mandi...brown is definitely your color! And I wanted to pitch in a - yeah, I've been there before! Not going to blonde, but bad dye jobs and having to rush to the store (with a hat on because, God forbide, anyone see you) to get more dye...lucky to have strong hair!!

Sarah K

Jana Weaver said...

I LOVE the brown!! It suits you!! I remember in collage trying to bleach my hair with lemon juice and "sun-in" out in the sun...and ending up with orange hair! Oh well. Us dark haired ladies just have to admit...we look GOOD with dark hair! :-)


Gwen Mangelson said...

Ohj MY HECK! dont ever do that again!

you are so gorgeous as a brunette- why do you want to go orange?

hey check my blog after tonight- I have posted something there for you!
love ya- miss chatting

Melissa said...

I have dark hair too Gina and while I've never had the desire to go totally blonde, I did put some blonde streaks in it a few years ago. It was done professionally and while I loved it, I chose not to keep it up.

Maybe you could try that next time? It prevents the orange!

Many Blessings,

rockfestqueen said...

LOVE the are beautiful!!

Elaine said...

You are stunning and gorgeous in brown!! WOW! Ok, I agree with everyone else...stay a brunette!!! ;-)

Kyla Maestas said...

I love the brown... its adorable!! BTW thanks so much for the chat today, I cannot wait to see what you think of the pics I took 0.o lol they should be worth a few good laughs.

Kyla Maestas